Nutrition Intern

Posted 2 years ago

We are looking for summer interns to help with social media, e-book curation, blog posts, and other related projects.  Intern must have the following qualifications: - Experience using Canva

Posted By: Courtney Darsa

Help with ebook

Posted 2 years ago

Looking for a volunteer to help me make an ebook on added sugar. I have all the content and would just need help putting it together in canva. Probably should not take more than a few hours

Posted By: Jinan Banna

RD in need of Volunteer in subacute rehab setting

Posted 2 years ago

Volunteer needed to help with menu analysis, speaking with patients / residents regarding menu preferences / weekly menus / items appropriate for diets and consistencies / updating dietech preferences

Posted By: courtney reiss

Social Media Intern for Private Practice

Posted 2 years ago

Position Description: Intern is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all social media activity for the company with the end goal of assisting in growing the online presence of the nutrition pra

Posted By: Bonnie R. Giller

Nutrition Intern in Private Practice

Posted 2 years ago

Position Description: Intern is responsible for assisting registered dietitian nutritionist is all aspects of running her private practice both offline and online as noted in the responsibilities belo

Posted By: Bonnie R. Giller

Social Media Marketing/Blogging for Dietitian Directory

Posted 2 years ago

For working with the supervision of a Dietitian you will be involved with creating a social media marketing campaign promoting dietitians on Instagram, and involved in blog writ

Posted By: Lindsey

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