Posted 1 year ago

Available as a resource to students

Posted By: Penina Langer

Student Volunteer

Posted 1 year ago

Help with creating content that is body positive, anti-diet  

Posted By: Heather E Rudalavage RDN LDN


Posted 1 year ago

3+ years of nutrition education and blogging is a plus, ability to use canva and imovie, fast learner, not afraid to ask clarifying questions, create / edit handouts and powerpoints, social media post

Posted By: Toni Marinucci, MS, RDN

Available to Mentor

Posted 1 year ago

Willing to discuss future career path, opportunities as a dietitian, advice for internship   

Posted By: Lalitha Taylor, BSc RD

Student Volunteer

Posted 1 year ago

Volunteering would consist of helping to update my website, learn the sales part of my full time job, help with media events when traveling to the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area.  

Posted By: Gisela Bouvier, MBA, RDN, LDN, MIEP

Content Creation

Posted 1 year ago

I could use help with creating materials for my clients. Materials would include: hand outs, educational materials, blog/newsletter posts (would give RD2B credit for such work), help with social med

Posted By: Jamie Mills, RDN, CD-N

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