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By Jenna Volpe

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Whole-istic Living Nutrition Blog Volunteer Program

 Apply by January 22, 2024

Summary:  Remote 12-week volunteer (1-1 and small group hybrid) program for dietetic interns / volunteers interested in blogging, online business, and gut health. 

You will learn the fundamentals of how to craft evidence-based medical nutrition articles and recipe posts for an online business, with a focus on gut health, functional nutrition, and FODMAPs.  

Tasks include:

Writing weekly blog articles and creating Canva images to be published on our website, www.wholeisticliving.com  

Skills learned and topics discussed:

  • Choosing a niche
  • Setting career goals
  • Blogging and writing as a nutrition expert
  • Entrepreneurship and private practice
  • Graphic design (Canva)
  • Nutrition for gut health 

Volunteers in this program will be working directly with Jenna Volpe, RDN, LD, CLT.  (Jenna is the founder of Whole-istic Living LLC, a private functional nutrition practice and blog, as well as a self-published author of the IBS Food Diary on Amazon.)

Volunteers will be able to select topics and keywords of their choice to write about, based on a list provided.

Time Commitment:  12 weeks (January 29, 2024 to April 22, 2024)

Qualification: Must be a dietetics student,  recent grad, or dietetic intern.

Skills needed:  Organized, resourceful, open-minded, flexible, punctual, eager to learn, able to work independently, solid writing skills, proficient at conducting online research 

Program features and benefits include, but aren’t limited to:

  • 1-1 and group Zoom mentorship calls with Jenna (30 minutes) 

  • 3 months of complimentary access to a private online tutorial about writing as a gut health nutrition expert (tips & best practices)

  • Education and experience in the field of gut health, online business and entrepreneurship 

  • A list of resources to empower you on your journey as a nutrition expert

Expectation:  Complete ~1 blog article per week, and at least 5 Canva infographics over the course of 3 months 

To Apply: 

  • Please email our virtual assistant at support@wholeisticlivingllc.com 

  • Please attach to the email a copy of your resume and a few sentences sharing the top 3 reasons you’re interested in this program!

Job Expectation : Complete ~1 blog article per week, and at least 5 Canva infographics over the course of 3 months 

Posted By: Jenna Volpe

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