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Researching articles, creating blog posts and social media content, behind the scenes work of a private practice. Open to other opportunities for education as well.

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Posted By: Megan Miller, MS RD CD

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Megan Miller, MS RD CD
I’m Megan, a non-diet Registered Dietitian, based out of the Indianapolis area. I specialize in disordered eating, eating disorders, and PCOS. Throughout my career, I have watched women struggle with failed diets, obsessive food rules, and poor body image. My goal is to break this cycle and help women to live the life they deserve. My nutrition philosophy stems from a weight inclusive, Health At Every Size Approach. Through intuitive eating, we will work to listen more to your body and less to the diet rules surrounding us.
Area(s) of Specialty: Eating Disorders, Health At Every Size, Intuitive Eating, PCOS,
Area(s) of practice: Outpatient, Private Practice,

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