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Intern, Dietetic intern , Job -Remote /Available as a DI Preceptor: Yes Posted 2 years ago

I’m looking for someone to help me with my social media platforms Tik Tok/Instagram, social media content creation, management, and video editing. I own my own Virtual Private Practice, Eat Right 4 Life, and specialize in mindful weight loss and building healthy sustainable lifestyle habits. You can find me on Instagram and TikTok @the.mindful.nutritionist.

Requirements & Responsibilities:

  • Experienced in TikTok, Instagram & Canva
  • Experienced with video editing (Splice, iMovie, etc.)
  • Creative video ideas, static posts & captions
  • Write compelling social media content to engage audiences across Instagram and TikTok
  • Knowledgable about hashtags & posting techniques 
  • Assist in planning, managing, and executing social media content/calendar & creating a consistent look and feel across all platforms
  • Coordinate posting on TikTok & Reels on Instagram
  • Ideas for Lives & trending videos/sounds
  • Increased engagement & following on TikTok/Instagram
  • Edit recipe & promotional videos for social media

Job Expectation : Expectations: -Volunteer position for ~3-5 hours/week -Passionate about weight loss through mindful, sustainable, lifestyle changes -Experienced in IG/TikTok & other various social media platforms (FB, Pinterest) -Very organized & highly motivated -Able to work well independently -Responsible & able to turn tasks & assignments in on time -Dependable, accountable & willing to think outside of the box -Driven, motivated, and creative student with a passion for health and wellness and interested in learning how to grow an online community. -Team player, critical thinker, strong writer/content creator -Confident in sharing creative ideas -Eager to have fun & learn about virtual private practice! TO APPLY: Send me 1 sample canva static post, 1 reel/TikTok, caption & hashtags, and a short statement about why you’re a great fit for this position 🙂 APPLY BY NOV 18. PLEASE NOTE: This volunteer position can turn into a paid position and can be applied to school credit. Minimum of a 4-month commitment.

Posted By: Jaclyn Kirschen

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Jaclyn Kirschen
Hi there! I'm Jackie, the Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist, Weight Loss Coach, and owner of Eat Right 4 Life, a virtual nutrition coaching practice that solely focuses on helping men and women rev up their metabolism so they can finally feel confident in their bodies, enjoy their favorite foods without feeling guilty, and finally lose weight and keep it off for good! I specialize and practice mindful weight loss by helping people build healthy sustainable lifestyle changes that allow them to break free from the vicious dieting cycle and enjoy all of their favorite foods in moderation while living their best life.
Area(s) of Specialty: Entrepreneurship, General Health and Wellness, Mindfulness, Non-Diet Approach, Obesity and Weight Management, Women's Health,
Area(s) of practice: Instagram, Media, Private Practice,
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