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By Melissa Smith, MBA, RDN

volunteer, -Remote /Available as a DI Preceptor: No Posted 2 years ago

Looking for volunteer students who can create at minimum 3 social media posts per week OR assist in other projects (assist in data collection, presentations, patient handouts, blog articles, ebooks, and other communications projects).

Job Expectation : n/a

Posted By: Melissa Smith, MBA, RDN

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Melissa Smith, MBA, RDN
Melissa Smith is a Registered Dietitian and Marketing professional working in content creation, communications, and private practice. Her private practice helps women find food freedom with an intuitive eating framework and mindful approach. She also sees insurance patients virtually providing MNT. Melissa is committed to advancing the dietetics profession through new technology, greater accessibility to entrepreneurial resources, and fostering collaborative communities. Her commitment to the profession led her to create RD Network, a blog connecting business-minded Dietitians to cool resources. RD Network stays on the pulse of whats hot in nutrition and business highlighting what's trending, sizzling new jobs and side hustle opportunities, upcoming events, and more! Additionally, she is a communications consultant providing social media marketing, website development, e-book development, copywriting and more for her clients.
Area(s) of Specialty: Communications, Intuitive Eating, Mindfulness,
Area(s) of practice: Media, Private Practice,

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