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By Jamie Mills, RDN, CD-N

volunteer, -Remote /Available as a DI Preceptor: Yes Posted 2 years ago

I could use help with creating materials for my clients. Materials would include: hand outs, educational materials, blog/newsletter posts (would give RD2B credit for such work), help with social media content. Must be good with using social media and be able to navigate online platforms such as Zoom, google/google drive, Canva, Wix, etc (online platforms to create needed content).

Job Expectation : Online platforms to create needed content

Posted By: Jamie Mills, RDN, CD-N

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Jamie Mills, RDN, CD-N
Hi there! My name is Jamie, I am a RD and the owner/founder of The Sleeved Dietitian, LLC. My story is a unique one. Not only am I a registered dietitian, but I am also a post surgical bariatric patient! I had the VSG weight loss surgery in 2017 (during the year of my own DI). Since then I have built my social media platform serving as a resource to weight loss surgery patients. I now offer my own coaching program where I primarily work with those at least 2+ years out from surgery and help them navigate life post op and set them up for long term success. My business is 100% virtual.
Area(s) of Specialty: Bariatrics, Obesity and Weight Management, PCOS,
Area(s) of practice: Clinical Setting, Private Practice,

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