Discovering the Connection Between Good Skin and Good Health

Sometimes when we think about our health, we don’t always recall the connection between our skin health and the types of food we are eating. Let’s dive deep into some examples of healthy, wholesome foods and the connection they have with our skin tone and complexion.

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Keep Yourself Hydrated

Let's take a deeper look into why staying hydrated is so important. We’ve all commonly heard we should be drinking 6 - 8 8oz cups of water per day on average, but why is that? First, let's understand what water does for our health.

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Natural Constipation Remedies

Certain foods contain bowel stimulating properties and this article explores natural options to ease constipation and provide relief from the associated pain accompanied, like excess gas and bloating. You may be surprised to learn that many of these natural remedies can be found in your own kitchen!

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Multivitamins: Are They Worth It?

You can find multivitamins in many forms, such as a gummy, gel capsule, swallowable tablet, or even a drinkable mix. They usually include 10 or more minerals and vitamins. A multivitamin theoretically supplements a lack of multiple vitamins/minerals in your diet.

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Nutrition Concerns for the Aging Population

As people age, their body changes physiologically. In this blog post, I will talk about possible micronutrient (MN) deficiencies that may exist in the aging population as well as “Geriatric giants” which is a term coined for risk factors that predispose one to functional decline.

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Organic vs Non-Organic Produce

When entering the grocery store, you will likely stroll through the produce section first where various fruits and vegetables are displayed. You have probably noticed certain produce items are labeled “organic,” while others are not. This disparity may have left you wondering what exactly the organic distinction means and if there are any real benefits in choosing organic produce.

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