Discovering the Connection Between Good Skin and Good Health
Guest Writer| Oct 03,2021

Sometimes when we think about our health, we don’t always recall the connection between our skin health and the types of food we are eating. Let’s dive deep into some examples of healthy, wholesome foods and the connection they have with our skin tone and complexion.

Fruits and Vegetables

According to, it’s said that the more fruit and vegetables one consumes, the more carotenoids they consume as well. Carotenoids are the orangey-red pigments that are found in fruits and vegetables (5). These carotenoids act as antioxidants for the skin to help protect the skin against UV light exposure and improve the appearance of bright, firm skin (5).


Although not a food, water is equally important for overall skin tone and complexion. Skin is an organ and without proper hydration, you may notice your skin has a dull and flaky appearance (6). Water aids in flushing out toxins held within the body and for that reason, drinking water gives the body the ability to flush them out. Drink up!


This complete protein (containing its essential omega-3 fatty acids and essential amino acids) is rich in many nutrients like Vitamin B and iron and is a great addition in your diet to achieve glowing skin (2). Spirulina and its association with a healthy gut microbiome show that its antioxidant benefits have brightening properties to encourage an even brighter skin tone (2). 


We’ve all heard eating fish is good for you because of its omega-3 fatty acids. But what exactly does that mean? In short, Omega-3 is found in salmon and is the “good fat” you want to consume (3)! Since skin has a natural oil barrier, we want to eat foods that are high in good fat so that our skin can feed off of it. This allows our skin to make healthy oils and gives us a natural, even skin tone (3). 


Besides being known as a ‘brain food’, walnuts are also a great source of the essential fatty acids that our body cannot make itself. They contain important nutrients like zinc that are essential for our skin to act properly as a barrier, and also contain anti-inflammatory properties to combat fine lines and wrinkles (4). 

Next time you are at a grocery store, be sure to pick up one of these food items and incorporate them into your diet for glowing, healthy skin!

Edited by PreRD Intern, Lauren Gatto

Written by Brittany Rivera: My name is Brittany Rivera and I am a soon to be grad of the Nutrition and Dietetics Program at Queens College with my goal to be a Pediatric Registered Dietitian. I am passionate about healing your body and any ailments from the inside out and am looking forward to combining this into my scope of practice in the future. When I am not studying, I am looking up new recipes to try and learning more about social media marketing.


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